01 February 2013

Mary, Mary, quite contrary ...

No silver bells or cockle shells but it's definitely growing!

Sunflower!! Fourth time I've planted seeds, first time anything has grown (and still only two of eight).

I have a spiraliser, I have zucchini, I have finally enjoyed veggie spaghetti.

Cucumbers, regular and ... um ... not so regular - all tasty!

Chillis, hot, hot, delicious, chillis.

Pumpkin! In fact two ... we weren't expecting this one to survive here.

More chilli and finally some teeny, tiny hiding tomatoes (they're there I promise).

Plus a bonus, mystery plant ... and Samson staring at a cat through the fence!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Lisa, given how late in the year we planted we're pretty stoked to have anything, let alone the amount that we do. Now that it's established though we will be much more organised with it this year.

  2. Looking good!
    We put cucumbers in this year, they grow like weeds! Picked 13 in two days the other week. Our chillies are refusing to go red, and the tomatoes aren't doing as well this year, but still all good.
    Love the colour of the sunflower.

    1. I'm loving the sunflowers, and because they're mini ones there's more than one on each stalk so I'll have them for a while. I'll try to get a less blurry pic next time :)

      I deliberately grabbed four different types of cucumber thinking that maybe they'd fruit at different times ... silly me!

      Only one of our three chilli plants (don't ask me why The Sparky's mum thought he'd want that many!) is even fruiting at the moment and most are going red before they grow ... not sure what's going on there.

  3. Oh my goodness! Your garden has grown!! It's so fantastic how much you've produced...well done!

    1. Thanks Ali! Of course, the weekend immediately after my little brag the possums worked out how to get in without the dogs hearing them ... my two little pumpkins were eaten, cucumbers got crunched on the vine, leaves and stems broken, it was a mess for a couple of days! We relocated two on Sunday night and one last night and everything seems to be bouncing back though so fingers crossed ...

  4. Kitty kitty kitty. Aww I miss my kitty.

    Isn't it awesome to pick produce? Sorry to see that so much was devoured by the possums, but hopefully you're back on track now!

    1. Me too, so, so badly.

      It is really quite fun, and we've had enough cucumbers to be handing them out to family which is rather cool. Funnily enough the pumpkin in particular seems to have bounced back stronger than ever ... almost like it enjoyed the abuse! I'm really looking forward to picking those.