10 June 2011

Time Poor

So many post ideas floating around in my head at the moment. I've even been taking photos! (Still working on having a camera on me regularly though). Hopefully there will be some down time at the end of this (very hectic) weekend and I can clear my head for some new thoughts.

08 June 2011

One of those people.

A few weeks ago I was at the chiropractor's and, amongst other things, she asked me what sort of exercise I do. I mentioned that I had just done the Herald Sun Run 4 the Kids 5km fun run and that I was about to start training for the Run Melbourne 10km. Her response? "Oh, you're one of those people."

Truth be told, I'm not actually one of those people at all ... but I want to be. Not 'one of those people' where the italics indicates that you must be a little bit mad to exercise so much but 'one of those people' where the underline indicates that I'm proud of pleased with the effort that I put into the amount of exercise I do.

I am very much still a work in progress on that front and lazy me wins more often than motivated me at the end of a long day at the moment, but I'm working on it.

To that end, I plan on being more open about what I'm doing and when in the hopes that it motivates me to put more effort in (see Step One). We'll see how that goes ...

P.S. I worked out how to link! Woohoo :)

01 June 2011

Four Degrees!

Woke up this morning to be told that it was only 4 degrees outside. It was then a whopping 6 when we left the house. What a way to start the day on this the first day of Winter.

Despite that, the sun is shining, the sky is blue and we're heading for a top of 19 (not much but still better than it has been lately). So, I'm not going to complain anymore about the cold but will enjoy the sunshine while we have it.