15 October 2012

and then ...

I never intended for this spot to be too serious. It was always supposed to be about fun holidays and cute pets and light and fluffy stuff. I certainly didn't intend to have two serious posts in a row.

In fact, I have started and stopped a number of posts over the past week, determined to lighten things up and keep things moving. Sometimes they're just in my head, sometimes they get started as drafts, always I end up staring into space or blankly at my screen, unable to finish a thought or a sentence, much less a paragraph or a post.

And then this happened. The 'man' and 'woman' in the article are my uncle and aunt.

All of a sudden I feel even less like writing about holidays or pets or the number of baby showers I've been invited to lately or even the stresses of work. I don't feel like pretending or putting on a happy face and so for just a little longer I'll be away ... thank you all for your understanding and for the kind words you've posted and e-mailed. I'm sorry I haven't been myself lately, hopefully I'll be back soon.

Hug your loved ones.

01 October 2012


26 December 2009 to 30 September 2012