25 January 2013

For ten wonderful days I relaxed.

Ready to get going ... eighteen hours and five stops later they weren't so eager to get back in ...

Crossing the boarder into NSW. No photo of the Qld crossing as it was about 1am at the time!

Our favourite part of the drive, just north of Sydney ... it's hard to capture the scenery from the car.

The camera didn't come out much so I have no food shots, no water, no sand,

no dogs swimming or running around, no Nutmeg hiding in the shade ...

... just a couple of pictures of the view from my folks' back verandah, where we spent a lot of time.

Mount Warning in the distance as we started heading home.

*Thank you to all of you for your support and wishes over the past few months, both here and behind the scenes. A four week break from work has gone a long way to helping me reset and refresh ... my words are returning slowly and I hope to get them 'down on paper' soon and regularly this year. In the meantime, please bear with me while I lean on photos for a little longer.