24 April 2012

Travelday - we're not finished yet ...

... I promise!

I really do have just a little bit more to say about our couple of days at the Cinque Terre but it's just not going to happen today. Here's another teaser photo instead -

23 April 2012

Awwww shucks ...

Every now and then, maybe once a year, a client will acknowledge the work I've done in a rather nice way ...

I've never been particularly good at taking compliments, in fact I don't know too many people who are, and even when someone says a simple 'thanks' to me over the phone I have a tendency to respond that I'm just doing my job.

So, when I receive something like this on one hand I'm always a little embarrassed and not quite sure how to respond, on the other hand - I'm pretty chuffed, the gift to me is more in the ability that this bunch of flowers has to make me smile during the day that it is in the flowers themselves.

Here's to learning how to take a compliment gracefully! (I might just get there one day)

20 April 2012

winner, winner, chicken dinner ...

I've been reading My Poppet for ... well to be honest I can't actually remember how long. It's definitely since before July of last year because that's when I read this post - I just about squealed out loud when I saw the Miffy paper and it took me all of about 30 seconds to decide that I had to buy it, sometimes these things just don't need justification! (I still want those socks though ...)

My first haul from her shop included the Miffy paper, some hand made bias binding, a castanet (which was very well received by my niece for her birthday ... not so much her folks!), a cute-as little hand towel, an unpictured but awesome bib (I basically wrapped it up a popped it back in the post for a friend as soon as I received it, completely forgetting to take a picture) and some fabulous button patterned sticky tape (don't ask me why it's not pictured, I have no idea - it's a lot of fun though).

Then, a few months ago I spotted this fabric which I loved but had absolutely no reason to buy ... until a couple of our closest friends told us they are expecting!

I now have the perfect backing for a baby quilt ... and, because I couldn't help myself, some more bias binding and some more patterned tape too.

Oh, and the meaning behind the title? A few weeks ago My Poppet had a guest post project from Belinda over at MoonmuM and a fantastic giveaway which ... (drum roll please) ... I won! My choice of a card and a notebook from Belinda's shop. Such a fun collection of work she has over there!

Check out the parcel and envelope that arrived -

I love the way she's added 'please' to the 'do not bend'

and, of course the notebook -

so much fun

and card -

still in it's plastic as I plan to use it for the baby present which means it needs to stay in good nick for a few more months yet

If you're looking for novel gifts I highly recommend checking out the stores of both of these lovely ladies. Oh and while you're there, could you pick this up for my niece ... it matches her room perfectly! (I don't think I'll be able to hold out much longer actually, it really is perfect for her ...)

P.S. Neither of these ladies knows I'm writing this post. It is not sponsored. These are simply my honest opinions about products that they sell.

18 April 2012

Days like this ...

... I sometimes think ...

... maybe Melbourne's not so bad after all.

12 April 2012

For Hannah and Agnes ...

(she hasn't looked like this for five years now but I won't tell if you don't ...)

10 April 2012

Travelday - Riomaggiore by night

I'm not sure if you've noticed ...

... but The Sparky has a bit of a thing ...
... for night shots

(I lost count of how many people tried to get this shot in the dark with their flash on!)

Standing still for the long exposure ...
... and finding flat surfaces to rest the camera ...

... takes a little (lot!) more patience ...

... but I think it's safe to say ...

... the results are worth it.

03 April 2012

Travelday - Riomaggiore

Despite our slightly rocky arrival at the Cinque Terre, eventually we were checked in, had a car park in town and were ready to see what there was to see.

We went for a wander along the Via Dell'Amore from Riomaggiore to Manarola, slowly after having walked all the way back up the hill to get to the car!

While I took care of the laundry and people watched, The Sparky went for a wander and took some fantastic 'coastal' shots of the town.

 I'm having trouble deciding which of the above two to print out for framing.

You can just make out the guys standing at the top of the middle rock formation - they were jumping!

As I sat and people watched a number of pre-teen boys went past pushing bicycles up the hill. I'm not sure if we've established this yet but it was a steep hill and I was having trouble working out where they were riding from.

A bit more wandering later and we came across this -

It's not a big space, particularly compared to what we're used to in Australia, but apparently it is better than not riding at all.

It also afforded us the opportunity to get some really nice photos ...

In fact, we got so many nice photos in our two days here that I think I'll save some up for next week ...

02 April 2012

I did it!

5.2km yesterday morning. Serious crowds so no serious running and yet 24hrs later my legs are not happy with me! Next year I think I'll try some fund raising, just to add to the 'fun' (also known as embarrassing torture).