21 December 2011

Hmmmm ....

I think it's probably time for me to admit to myself that the chances of getting a proper post up between now and at least Boxing Day are fairly slim.

Work is flat out crazy, the house looks like something exploded inside and needs to be cleaned before my folks arrive, we have Christmas functions to attend, people to see and things to do - you know the story, I'm sure you're living it too at the moment. I'm not going to complain though, it's all happening because I have a job, a house to go home to, family, friends and pets to spend time with.

So, in this the Silly Season when people seem to lose sight of what's important, when apparently the retail giants are ruining Christmas by not delivering online orders on time (or in the case of one woman too early?!), when consumerism and gluttony take over, I'm going to sit back and be thankful for what I have and do my best to quietly enjoy the holidays.

If I don't get back here before then - have a safe, happy and very merry Christmas.

12 December 2011

The Weekend that Wasn't

Seriously?! I can't believe that it's lunch time on Monday already ... where did the weekend go?

Actually, I know where the weekend went, it went into house work, a family Christmas party and an almighty debilitating migraine - really not a fun way to spend a weekend.

So, to catch up with what should have happened here over the weekend, I give you -

Healthier and Fitter - Week Two

Health - this week will be all about making sure I consume two serves of fruit a day. I'm really good at getting one a day on a work day but almost never two and on the weekend I just don't worry about it at all. So, this week it's two serves a day every day.

Fitness - last week went really well and I managed to get in my 20/20/20 almost every day so this week I'm up-ing it to 25/25/25 together with the three 10 minute workouts.


9 If you say, “The LORD is my refuge,”
   and you make the Most High your dwelling,
10 no harm will overtake you,
   no disaster will come near your tent.
Psalm 91

Monday's musing still to come (I hope).

08 December 2011

TWS - Week Two

Well, after the success of last week, I'm feeling much better about this whole idea and am ready to plunge myself into a new week of changes and challenges. (Can I just say again how good it feels to have all of the Christmas/Birthday shopping sorted?)

Health and Wellbeing - spend at least fifteen minutes a day outside playing with the dogs, not just our morning walk or playing around inside but actual play time outside in the fresh air. This I think will be good for both my wellbeing and theirs ... and a good way to unwind when I get home from work.

Organisation - empty the ironing basket. 'nuf said.

To Do - come up with a full plan for the the next eleven weeks of this challenge, rather than sitting here trying to come up with ideas as I type!

Just For Fun - the earring thing went so well last week that I think I'll try to mix it up a bit more in the future. Plus, this week I think I'll make it a different necklace each day (oh, and this time I'll try to remember to take photos).

07 December 2011

Wednesday Wrap Up - Week One

I know you're all curious to know how I've gone with my first week of TWS challenges so here goes ...

Health and Wellbeing - success! I am now signed back into Spark People, goals have been set and calories are being counted. I wish I could be a little more excited about this but for the moment I'm just glad to have started.

Organisation - almost a success ... I've done two out of three nights and plan to do more tonight (the new week doesn't start until tomorrow morning after all).

To Do - done and done!! Eight Christmas presents and six birthday presents all ordered/bought, including The Sparky's Kris Kringle which I was happy to let slide as it's technically his problem not mine! (Side note, much as I fought the idea at first I'm really glad now that we do the KK with The Sparky's family because it means we only have to come up with two present ideas instead of thirteen!). I cannot even begin to describe to you how good it felt to hit the 'go' button on the final purchase on Monday. Most of the presents have been bought online so they're still making their way to me in dribs and drabs but they're bought and I count this one as a great big done!

Just for Fun - also done. It was kinda fun to make myself pick a new pair of earrings each day. I have at least two dozen pairs but usually find myself wearing the same one-two pairs all the time.

So far, so good!

06 December 2011

Travelday - Where I Keep it Brief

We landed in Zurich at around 2:00 in the afternoon. I cannot even begin to explain how good fresh air felt to breath, and that was just at the airport!

After a quick check in and freshen up we headed into town to wander around.
Next week - our first full day in Zurich and then after that the stories start ...

05 December 2011

Foo Fighter Friday ...

Despite having seats so, so far away from the stage we had a great time.
The band were brilliant - Dave Grohl has an insane amount of energy and they all came across as having a real respect and appreciation for their fans.
The stadium has a bit of work to do sorting out the audio issues if it wants to become a good venue for concerts but overall it was a really fun night. Three hours and six encore songs later, I was pretty glad I had bought myself such a good birthday present! :)

03 December 2011

Healthier & Fitter - Week One

Checking in very quickly to give you a brief outline of this week's plan.

Health - as promised on Thursday, I have signed back in to Spark People. This week I simply plan to get back into the swing of keeping a daily record, before I start adding any goals to my health plan.

Fitness - starting small, I plan simply to do at least 3 x 10 min workouts in the morning, at least 20 mins per night on either the treadmill or exercise bike and 20 each of push ups and sit ups.

That's all for this week ...


01 December 2011

Thirteen Weeks of Summer - Week One

So, this is it. Deep breaths, in and out, the commitment has been made so you'll just have to follow through with it - that was after all the whole idea, remember?

Okay, today marks the official start of summer here in this corner of the world and, due to some commitment or another that I may have made, it also marks the start of my Thirteen Weeks of Summer challenge to change myself (to be called hereafter TWS thereby saving myself about five hours of typing time over the next thirteen weeks).

This weeks changes/challenges will be:

Health and Wellbeing - sign back up to Spark People. I've had an on again/off again, love/hate relationship with this site. I don't like the idea of being obsessed about the food I eat but the fact of the matter is that it works, every time I'm on it I loose weight and every time I try to look after myself I either plateau or gain. So, back to the Spark it is. Because this will tie in so closely with the health side of my Healthier and Fitter challenge, I will be setting it up to start on Sunday morning.

Organisation - do half an hour of housework after work on at least three week nights (this does not include any time taken to cook dinner!)

To Do - finish shopping for all Christmas presents and all of the Dec/Jan/Feb family birthdays (I have bits and pieces and lots of ideas but I need to get them off the 'to do' list so I can move onto other things).

Just For Fun - wear a different pair of earrings every day this week.

Sounds good for now ...