29 July 2013

A weekend of Wolverine

The Sparky and I spent this weekend refamiliarising ourselves with the X-Men franchise.

We made our way through X-Men: First Class, X-Men Origins: Wolverine and X-Men ... with the rest to follow during the week.

I may have been sidetracked during Wolverine by these ugly but delicious muffins.

Inspired by Lisa's here except I didn't have any apple in the house so used a pear instead.

Aside from being taken aback when we realised that X-Men was released in 2000 (!?!) we had a bit of light fun ... really lines like "Do you know what happens to a toad when it's struck by lightning? ... The same thing that happens to everything else" aren't written for taking seriously, are they?

28 July 2013

Monkeys, typwriters and War and Peace

One cat's short morning stroll across the laptop ...

sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssstf-6                                    ----------------------look
... one real word, five hundred and sixty one thousand & ninety two to go!

27 July 2013

Making do

May your weekend be full of sunshine and comfort ... even if it means making do with what you've got ...

26 July 2013


Since The Sparky started, well being a sparky, I have found a lot of random things in our washing machine. For the most part it's the usual trady stuff like screws and pens but every now and then ...

... a tube of epoxy, really? That could have turned out rather messy!

25 July 2013


that I wasn't still commuting on public transport when this happened

24 July 2013

Breathing Deep ...

Sorting through my photos I came across this little collection, taken when I was home sick a few weeks ago.

I was feeling pretty sorry for myself but Winter hadn't quite hit yet so I forced myself outside. About an hour later I stopped, took a deep breath and looked around me.

In front Astro's Garden, on my lap holiday planning.

Nutmeg on my left.

Samson on my right.

Blue sky above.

Much better for heart, mind and body than curling up on the couch feeling sorry for myself.

23 July 2013

So close ...

Little Bro and The Artist are heading back to Europe later this year.

They're going back to Rome ...

... and back to Florence ...

... (and a number of places that I haven't been yet) ...

... and I came so, so close to booking The Sparky and I in to join them for some of it. Rome, Florence, Venice called to me and my desire to see France and Britain was so strong it hurt.

Smaller, closer to home plans have been made instead and I am looking forward to them and to sharing them with you.

22 July 2013

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

Movie Monday - mini reviews of what we watched on the weekend.


A lovely movie with a lot of heart.

Tin Man

Fantastic idea, lovely look, slightly clumsily executed.

Fun, quirky, well written, great movie.

Kenneth: Ever faced certain death?
Darius: If it was so certain, I wouldn't be here. Would I?

Just enough beautiful scenery, fun writing and good acting to keep it moving and interesting.

Great way to finish a great weekend. Slightly slow moving but it worked.

21 July 2013

Masak Masak

Many of you will know the lovely Ashley and that a while ago she celebrated her birthday with a Birthday Giveaway Bonanza!

What most of you don't know though, because I'm a slacky slack slacker, is that I won a bonanza prize!

So one Sunday morning, The Sparky and I headed off to Collingwood to have our brunch at Masak Masak.

I finally got to meet the orangutan in real life!

Admittedly, most of what we ordered was too strong for us that early in the day BUT, it was so delicious that we vowed to return for dinner soon.

(Embarrassingly this is not the only superduper prize that I have to tell you about either, hence the posting challenge to myself.) 

20 July 2013

First things first ...

So, a lot has happened over the last few months and there are many, many things I need to show you and tell you about however I know I won't be forgiven if I leave this new addition to our lives until much later -

It's been a lot of fun watching her over the last two weeks as she settles in and gets to know us, the dogs and the house. I'm sure there will be many more (and better) photos to come.

19 July 2013

Because I don't want to be a Fruit Fly anymore ...

I am challenging myself to a month of 'machiatto' posts -
30 days, 100 words or less, 4 photos or less.

Because I have too much going on in my head.

Because I need to reconnect with this lovely bloggy community.

Because 'latte' posts (you know, the long in depth ones that require you to sit and stop)
are overwhelming at the moment.

Because I've had enough of feeling like a fruit fly ...


 I hope it works and I hope you enjoy.