13 August 2013

A little quiet time ...

The Sparky and I started two weeks leave yesterday. So far it's been delightful but, as always, I end up wanting to stay as far away from a computer as possible. For the next few days I will be trying to post photos from my phone ... please excuse me if the first one or two end up sideways or upside down :) It may take me a couple of attempts to get it right but I want to make sure I know what I'm doing and how it works out before next week when we jump on a plane and pop up to ...


I have already made the decision to not take the lap top or iPad with me but I will take my phone and share some photos with you as we go. Hopefully I will have some good stories to share when we get back.

10 August 2013

09 August 2013

A rose by any other name ...

Clover, Morgan, Kingsley, Prestyn, Lily, Willow, Torreto, Bellatrix, Arlandria, Pearl, Chipotle, Yukiri, Totoro, Sonic, Cruikshanks, Trixie ...


90% of the time she looks like she's straight out of an anime but I just can't seem to get it on film. At least she finally has a name that's stuck!

08 August 2013

See the Amalfi Coast

Naples -

I look up and see walls crumbling, shutters missing panels and small balconies weighed down with flowerpots, chairs, bikes, even washing machines.
Frances M Thompson

Ms Frankie Bird certainly has a way with words. The above line is from her recently released, self-published short story See the Amalfi Coast and our photo from Naples came to mind immediately when I read it.

I have just received some more of her work to preview and look forward to both reading and reviewing it.

I receive nothing for my book and movie reviews save the simple pleasure of sharing my thoughts, good, bad or indifferent with you.

07 August 2013

Testing one, two ...

It's 7:16
this post is scheduled for 7:30
fingers are crossed
and so are my toes
no photos today
just in case.
If it all works
I'll be back on track tomorrow
hopefully I see you then.


02 August 2013

Oh no! I was doing so well ...

Apparently the internet monsters have eaten the posts I had scheduled for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Please enjoy this photograph of the Natural Arch taken on our recent(ish) trip to the Gold Coast while I try to work out what's going on behind the scenes here.