26 May 2011

Step Three ...

"Stop being such a chicken mutt"

It's been hovering around in my head for days now - I NEED to post a third step. I don't know why or what it is but I have to post one. For some reason three steps is what is needed. Two steps is only a beginning, four steps is taking it too far but three steps is nice and round (don't ask me why three is round, it just is).

The problem is that the third step, rounding it all off nicely, also felt like a commitment. A two step beginning I could erase and pretend it never happened but three steps was a commitment to blogging and I'm not sure that I'm ready for that (again, don't ask why the third step is such a commitment, in my head it just is).

In the words of The Sparky, I needed to stop being such a chicken mutt (a chicken, scaredy cat or jellyfish for those of you who don't speak Sparky). So, here I am, taking the third, rounded, committed, scary step of posting a step three ... and taking a few nice big, deep breathes while I'm at it.

23 May 2011


Life's hard when all you have to do is eat and sleep.

16 May 2011

It's Official

Three posts in and I'm already a dreadful blogger!

On Sunday we went to the RSPCA Million Paws Walk (millionpawswalk.com.au) and I didn't even think to ensure that I had a camera or even a phone with me to take photos!

After the horrid, wet, cold week we've had in Melbourne I was concerned that it wouldn't be a nice morning but the rain held off until the afternoon and there was even some nice blue sky. All in all, aside from the mud and muck, it was a fun morning and a great way to both socialise and exercise the dogs.

Here's hoping that in future I make sure I have a camera on me ...

06 May 2011

Step Two ...

... stop 'lurking' and start 'following'.

Turns out that's easier said than done. I've now tried it with three different blogs which appear to have three different ways of doing things and I've ended up with three different results!

That problem aside I also need to consider which blogs I'm going to follow and which I'll continue to just visit from time to time for a browse. Part of me wants to put careful consideration into this process, after all who I follow is a reflection of who I am - isn't it? The other part of me basically wonders if it really matters that the bloggers I follow are an eclectic mix of artists/crafters/bakers/photographers/fitness fanatics/homemakers/designers/green living, clean living ladies/people who are just trying to keep their heads above water (etc etc)?

I don't have a solid answer on that one yet so I think I'll just start adding and see what happens from there - chances are I'm WAY over thinking it all (as per usual).

03 May 2011

Step One ...

... to starting a blog - sit at the computer and type, mostly mindlessly, until something worth publishing comes out of your fingers.

... to preparing for a 10K fun run - start a training program and stick to it. It's the sticking to it part that I always have trouble with so maybe if I make myself accountable by keeping public track of it rather than private it might help.

... to eating better - STOP BUYING JUNK FOOD! If it's not in the house it's less likely to get eaten. This is one aspect of my life that has certainly improved a lot over the last few months but there's still a long way to go.

... to letting the artist out - see the first point.

Hopefully this is the start of something good, will see where it takes me.