06 May 2011

Step Two ...

... stop 'lurking' and start 'following'.

Turns out that's easier said than done. I've now tried it with three different blogs which appear to have three different ways of doing things and I've ended up with three different results!

That problem aside I also need to consider which blogs I'm going to follow and which I'll continue to just visit from time to time for a browse. Part of me wants to put careful consideration into this process, after all who I follow is a reflection of who I am - isn't it? The other part of me basically wonders if it really matters that the bloggers I follow are an eclectic mix of artists/crafters/bakers/photographers/fitness fanatics/homemakers/designers/green living, clean living ladies/people who are just trying to keep their heads above water (etc etc)?

I don't have a solid answer on that one yet so I think I'll just start adding and see what happens from there - chances are I'm WAY over thinking it all (as per usual).


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