26 May 2011

Step Three ...

"Stop being such a chicken mutt"

It's been hovering around in my head for days now - I NEED to post a third step. I don't know why or what it is but I have to post one. For some reason three steps is what is needed. Two steps is only a beginning, four steps is taking it too far but three steps is nice and round (don't ask me why three is round, it just is).

The problem is that the third step, rounding it all off nicely, also felt like a commitment. A two step beginning I could erase and pretend it never happened but three steps was a commitment to blogging and I'm not sure that I'm ready for that (again, don't ask why the third step is such a commitment, in my head it just is).

In the words of The Sparky, I needed to stop being such a chicken mutt (a chicken, scaredy cat or jellyfish for those of you who don't speak Sparky). So, here I am, taking the third, rounded, committed, scary step of posting a step three ... and taking a few nice big, deep breathes while I'm at it.


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