22 July 2013

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

Movie Monday - mini reviews of what we watched on the weekend.


A lovely movie with a lot of heart.

Tin Man

Fantastic idea, lovely look, slightly clumsily executed.

Fun, quirky, well written, great movie.

Kenneth: Ever faced certain death?
Darius: If it was so certain, I wouldn't be here. Would I?

Just enough beautiful scenery, fun writing and good acting to keep it moving and interesting.

Great way to finish a great weekend. Slightly slow moving but it worked.


  1. Hehe I loved Safety Not Guaranteed! I haven't seen any of the others but I loved SNG's quirkiness :)

    1. So many great lines in it ... and that ending! I'm generally hesitant in making recomendations but if you enjoyed SNG for its quirkiness you'd probably enjoy Moonrise Kingdom too.

  2. I adored Moonrise Kingdom! So charming:)

    1. It was really sweet. Some weeks we hire real duds but somehow we did really well this weekend.