08 December 2011

TWS - Week Two

Well, after the success of last week, I'm feeling much better about this whole idea and am ready to plunge myself into a new week of changes and challenges. (Can I just say again how good it feels to have all of the Christmas/Birthday shopping sorted?)

Health and Wellbeing - spend at least fifteen minutes a day outside playing with the dogs, not just our morning walk or playing around inside but actual play time outside in the fresh air. This I think will be good for both my wellbeing and theirs ... and a good way to unwind when I get home from work.

Organisation - empty the ironing basket. 'nuf said.

To Do - come up with a full plan for the the next eleven weeks of this challenge, rather than sitting here trying to come up with ideas as I type!

Just For Fun - the earring thing went so well last week that I think I'll try to mix it up a bit more in the future. Plus, this week I think I'll make it a different necklace each day (oh, and this time I'll try to remember to take photos).


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