07 December 2011

Wednesday Wrap Up - Week One

I know you're all curious to know how I've gone with my first week of TWS challenges so here goes ...

Health and Wellbeing - success! I am now signed back into Spark People, goals have been set and calories are being counted. I wish I could be a little more excited about this but for the moment I'm just glad to have started.

Organisation - almost a success ... I've done two out of three nights and plan to do more tonight (the new week doesn't start until tomorrow morning after all).

To Do - done and done!! Eight Christmas presents and six birthday presents all ordered/bought, including The Sparky's Kris Kringle which I was happy to let slide as it's technically his problem not mine! (Side note, much as I fought the idea at first I'm really glad now that we do the KK with The Sparky's family because it means we only have to come up with two present ideas instead of thirteen!). I cannot even begin to describe to you how good it felt to hit the 'go' button on the final purchase on Monday. Most of the presents have been bought online so they're still making their way to me in dribs and drabs but they're bought and I count this one as a great big done!

Just for Fun - also done. It was kinda fun to make myself pick a new pair of earrings each day. I have at least two dozen pairs but usually find myself wearing the same one-two pairs all the time.

So far, so good!


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