03 April 2012

Travelday - Riomaggiore

Despite our slightly rocky arrival at the Cinque Terre, eventually we were checked in, had a car park in town and were ready to see what there was to see.

We went for a wander along the Via Dell'Amore from Riomaggiore to Manarola, slowly after having walked all the way back up the hill to get to the car!

While I took care of the laundry and people watched, The Sparky went for a wander and took some fantastic 'coastal' shots of the town.

 I'm having trouble deciding which of the above two to print out for framing.

You can just make out the guys standing at the top of the middle rock formation - they were jumping!

As I sat and people watched a number of pre-teen boys went past pushing bicycles up the hill. I'm not sure if we've established this yet but it was a steep hill and I was having trouble working out where they were riding from.

A bit more wandering later and we came across this -

It's not a big space, particularly compared to what we're used to in Australia, but apparently it is better than not riding at all.

It also afforded us the opportunity to get some really nice photos ...

In fact, we got so many nice photos in our two days here that I think I'll save some up for next week ...


  1. I want to be there. Anywhere. New colours and smells and sounds and happiness.

    Thanks darling. It helps to see this and dream.

    1. Anywhere sounds good ... more dreams to come

  2. Oh my.. Kind of looks like a movie scene... such serenity!

    1. It was fabulously relaxing, save for the fact that the serenity left with the setting sun - from backpackers to garbage trucks they were two of the noisiest nights we experienced!

  3. Lovely. I took a very silly shot of a man fishing in Vernazza, perhaps I'll post it someday as it's terribly funny. He's wearing like a little teensy weensy bikini bottom and the photo is taken from behind. Oh my gosh, cultural difference!

    Not sure about the two pictures you're undecided on... bottom one, and maybe amp up the color a tad? I'd frame the next one down with the cliff jumpers for sure;)

    1. Oh, please do post it!

      Yes, out of the two I think I'm also leaning towards the bottom one. I need to spend a bit of time on them all at home where I can play with colours and otherwise edit in a way that I just can't manage online and at work.