07 February 2013



Timeline, among many others, is a perfect example ... I still remember the first time The Sparky and I saw the preview, months before the movie came out. We had both read and loved the book and knew that it would make an awesome movie. Of course we made a point of going to see it as soon as it was released ... MAJOR DISAPPOINTMENT (yes, that all needs to be in caps, I'm considering bold and underline as well just to make my point).

Why this trip down memory lane you ask? I've just finished the latest, and sadly last, of Michael Crichton's books Micro. As my mind wandered through what may or may not have ended up being a good book review, two thoughts kept coming up:

1 - quite simply, if you like Michael Crichton's work you'll like Micro, if you don't, you probably won't; and

2 - in the right hands it would make a great movie (emphasis added by me for reasons set out above).

Which about sums it up, anything else is basically a potential spoiler, so I will leave it at that.


  1. Haha! I love that quote! So, so true! It's a trap though, isn't it...you love a book, you want to see the movie when it comes out even knowing that it probably won't be the best, and yep, low and behold, disappointment!
    I haven't read any Michael Crichton for ages...used to be quite a fan.
    Sorry I've been a bit absent from your blog, I haven't been online properly the past month and so have missed a lot of updates. Hope you're doing well :)

    1. There are so many in that shop that I want to get!

      If you're a fan of his work then you'll probably like Micro, despite having been finished off by another author it still retains his 'voice' quite well.

      Hey, given the amount of times I've gone m.i.a. in the past six months, I'm the last person you need to apologise to :) Still a bit up and down at the moment but more up than down so on the right track!