04 February 2013

Orange Crush

I'm trying not to dwell too much on last year at the moment, it hampers my ability to focus on the future and stay buoyant and buoyantly happy.

That said, I owe a seriously belated shout out to the wonderful Ms I-Hua. These cups came to me at time when I desperately needed some sunshine. They were just exactly what I needed at the time and I love them, not just for that but because they are perfect. I have my coffee in them at least once a day, although less often with a sweet treat accompaniment these days.

(Honestly, there is so much more that I want to say but the delving saw me racing to the bathroom to have a good old cry ... I guess I'm not quite as ready as I thought I was ...)


  1. Such darling little cups, eh? How lovely of I-Hua! Mmm, sweets. Stay buoyant!

    1. They are gorgeous and fun and just the right size for my little coffees. Buoyant is actually quite appropriate, I'm up and down like a buoy at the moment! But staying afloat which is important :)