26 February 2013

Travelday - Roaming Rome

Okay, so my alliteration is not the best there but I couldn't help myself! As my posts have slowly approached Rome I have been in two minds about how to tackle this final step of our holiday. Do I keep it short and give you one encompassing post or do I continue to do a post for either each day or each location? I have in the end decided that a post for each iconic part of Rome is probably the best way to finish ... and as far as I can tell you're not yet sick of my holiday photos so I figure why not stretch the reminiscing out just a little longer.

Our few days in Rome were, as the title suggests, spent doing a lot of walking ... a lot of roaming. I will start with the more specific posts next week and will today simply leave you with some of the random places we saw and loved along the way.


  1. It's almost like, having only spent one day in Rome, that I didn't actually visit. Not much looks familiar! Eek:)

    But darn it, I'll just have to go back someday. Meanwhile, looking forward to next week's posts!

    1. I guess I probably could have said a bit more about each photo, that might have helped :)

      We were there for about two and a half days and really only barely scratched the surface ... although we did get to most of the iconic sights that we wanted to.

      It will definitely be worth a return trip someday.