11 November 2011

Tropical almost-Spider

You know how sometimes a thought leads to a thought leads to another thought and when you get to the end you can't quite explain how you ended up where you did?

You do? Good, because there is no way in the world I could explain to you how the recipe for this salad inspired me to try to make a Tropical Spider. To be fair the first leap of logic was Hannah's but the next was mine and the rest is now history ...

I started with a bottle of Passiona (ordered especially for the occasion) and one Coconut Mango Smooze (I got these free with one of my grocery orders a while back and, well, mango ice cream is expensive!)

Placed the full Smooze into a glass with enough drink to almost fill the cup.

Yeah, that's why I called it an almost-Spider - turns out you need actual ice cream to get the fun frothy stuff happening.

So, I waited a few minutes for the Smooze to defrost a little, mixed it all together and - despite the slightly curdled look - it tasted fantastic!

Not sure that it's one I'll try again - we don't usually have the likes of Passiona in the house and The Sparky doesn't like mango so it's hard to justify buying mango ice cream. Glad to finally get it out of my head though and I think there may be more spider attempts this summer ...


  1. *laughs and laughs* I'm very proud to have played a part in the creation of this deliciousness. Particularly as I have that exact Smooze, which I also got for free, in my freezer! Sure, it's completely stuck in the ice-build up and I can't wriggle it out, but at least it's there. :P

  2. Sounds to me like a good excuse/reward for defrosting :) They were pretty nice on their own too, although a little difficult to eat.