14 November 2011

New Found Freedom

Astro's always been more of an indoor cat. Not so much because he doesn't want to go outside but because we wouldn't let him. You see, a combination of issues with the person we bought him off, her vet and ultimately our laziness meant that he wasn't microchipped. Without the security of ID on him we just weren't willing to take the risk that he'd run off and be unreturnable.

Not that he minded too much - most of his day is spent like this anyway ...

is it sad that I have enough of these on my phone that I had trouble choosing just one?

Not that he was always inside, the backyard is completely enclosed and he has never shown any inclination towards climbing so he would get to roam out there fairly regularly.

Two days before we left on our holiday we took him to the vet to finally get 'chipped - we figured it really wasn't fair on our house/pet sitter to leave her with the stress of what happens if he runs away!

So now, newly microchipped and with a collar and tag, he's been able to run around out the front a bit since we got home.

This weekend I took it one step further. The Sparky had taken the two dogs to work with him on Saturday so, with no worries about them heading out the open front door, I propped it open and let Astro come and go as he pleased.

He wasn't so sure about it at first - maybe because those boots are responsible for gently letting him know that going out the front door is not okay? (by blocking his way, no kicking involved) ...

he stood in the opening for ages before going out the first few times

But eventually he got used to it ...
every time I got closer than this he got up and came to me so I took what I could get


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