02 November 2011

The Aftermath

Thanks to our great city's love of all things sporty, yesterday was a public holiday in Melbourne. That's right, we get a day off in celebration of the race that stops the nation and I for one am not complaining!

The Sparky and I had a group of friends around for a bbq lunch and much fun was had (I hope).

The morning started early with chicken being marinated, cupcakes were made, eggs, potatoes and corn were cooked for inclusion in salads, hummus prepared, carrot and celery chopped, salads thrown together and meat barbequed. It was busy but well worth it - I was organisation itself which, for those who know me is quite something and much better than my usual 'I had planned to do such-and-such but ...'. Dips and dippers were brought by friends as well as a delicious chocolate tart (home made by my little bro).

Although none of us has a particular interest in horse racing we did stop for a few moments to watch the race - it was after all the reason we weren't at work. Photo finish!

Despite the abundance of food we were only left with just enough to cover our lunches today and possibly some salad to have with tonight's dinner (not sure how it will have held up). We do still have a lot of cupcakes thanks to the richness of the chocolate tart but I wanted some for work lunches anyway so that's fine just fine.

Once the last of our guests had left it was heading towards late so we did a quick spruce rather than a full clean up, in the middle of which I finally realised that despite my grand plans to photograph the food I hadn't taken a single photo (and there you have it, my usual 'but ...' was there after all).

I grabbed my phone and took a quick photo of the kitchen as we left it last night - not bad considering we had fed and entertained ten people.


  1. Oh, I'm *so* envious! Melbourne Cup isn't a public holiday in Canberra, so the four of us in my office made ourselves a little sweep, and then discovered.... THAT THE STUPID TV DIDN'T HAVE PRIME. So we listened on the radio, 1940s style :P I want your lunch spread and party instead!

  2. What a pity, the photo finishes just wouldn't have been as interesting on the radio.