24 November 2011


We have a football/cricket oval just up the street from our house, as in just over 200m up the street. Its a great spot with two ovals, cricket nets, change rooms, public toilets, restaurant, car park, the lot. More importantly to us though, it has a larger than usual amount of park land around it.

A small portion of the park looking down to the lower oval.

It's a great place to take the dogs for a quick walk to relieve themselves and to run off some excess energy. They love it and, needless to say, we love the convenience of it.

I have a lot of trouble getting pictures of the dogs when we're out, they don't stay still!
and if they see me trying they run straight to me and stick their nose in the phone/camera.

When we first moved to our current house there were a pair of resident Plovers living there and nesting on the top oval during spring. Plovers are a nasty piece of work when it comes to protecting their eggs and can do quite a bit of damage with the hooks on the end of their wings. Making cricket season even more interesting was the fact that they nested on the oval and, because they are protected, a portion of the oval would have to be roped off while the nest was there!

Over the past few years, and particularly since the Black Saturday bushfires, I have noticed a much greater variety of birds in the area, particularly down at the park. Most, like the Rosellas and Lorikeets, are very difficult to get a photo of however I was walking through on my way home from the train station the other day and came across these two ducks -

I was surprised at how close they let me get to them without flying off. Granted it's hard to tell from this photo, but if you take into consideration that I can't work out how to zoom on my phone then you'll realise that I'm almost on top of them!

Oh, and this is what happens if you're still trying to take photos when your two dogs run at you and the ducks take off -


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