29 June 2012

A Breath of Fresh Air

~ It was refreshingly (comparatively) mild outside this morning. So much so that I decided to walk to the station instead of catching the bus. In fact, I strolled rather than rushed, breathed deep instead of stressed, savoured the blue sky and fluffy pink-lined clouds, smiled at the gum tree at the oval (I'll take a photo of it for you one day Emma) and just simply took my time.

~ Then it started raining.

~ and then it stopped, right in time for me to go for a lunch time walk ... which I did, again breathing deep the (relatively) fresh post-rain air, the Korean Barbeque, the Chinese bakery, the Indian spices on my way to make some sale purchases (Torchwood Season 1, The Office (US) Season 1, Castle Season 2, Camelot and the latest from The Temper Trap - in case you were wondering).

~ I have a bad habit of checking my Blogger stats, I don't really know why but I do find out some interesting things. There are a lot of people who stop by but don't ever comment, that's fine I don't comment on every post I read either. I get more traffic when I'm actively commenting on other blogs, obviously. Posts with more photos and less words seem to attract more comments, not sure how to take that!

~ Last Friday Two Thursday's ago (seriously where did the extra week go?) I popped in to my stats to see that I HAVE MY FIRST FOLLOWER!! Sorry, I know it's really not that exciting but seriously Ali, it had been a pretty rough day and you put the bounce back in my step.

~ Speaking of bounce, we're babysitting The Sparky's niece on Saturday ... she's a great kid and it should be fun but we've already decided that if she has a melt down or an 'accident' then she's going outside with the dogs!

~ Just kidding (of course)!

~ and speaking of the dogs (because it's Friday after all) ...

another oldie, way back when he was still less than a year old


  1. Gum trees sound cooooooool, yes please, take a picture!

    I follow you, but I use google reader;) And although I like posts with photos, I like your words just as much because words add depth and meaning.

    I don't know quite why, but I really enjoy Castle:) It's just stopped raining after days of it here, and the smell in the air this morning is fantastic!

    1. I had hoped to get to the oval with my good camera and tripod over the weekend for you but the weather was not on my side!

      Awww shucks :). I've wondered before about how following in Reader works ... I quite often just 'copy and paste' into the subscribe section instead of hitting the follow button. Thank you, that means a lot, particularly given how wordy I can be sometimes:D.

      I didn't get into it on tv until about half way through the second season so it's been kind of fun going back to watch the beginning.

      I LOVE that smell, particularly after warm rain!

  2. Ah, I'm the opposite, I almost never look at my stats. And then PR companies ask me for info and I have to admit I have honestly no idea, which I think makes them discount me :P


    1. I really don't see any good reason to know what's going on in the stats, it's the comments that really let me know who I'm connecting with anyway ... that said, if a PR company wants to offer me free chocolate I'm quite happy to answer any questions ... ;D

      You're welcome :)

  3. Where has the time gone, exactly!! I literally have no idea where the past two weeks (probably 3 by now) have gone!! And, it's showing because I have only just picked up on this post now - sorry! But, thanks for the mention :)
    I check my stats all the time, although I haven't much lately, and I have no idea how the google reader thing works either - hehe!
    I like looking at other people's photos because I like taking them myself, but I also like to read what other people are up to, and every now and again, I like to write a bit...I do find the same that I get more views on my pic posts...maybe people are just too busy to read stories!!
    Have a great day, and I hope to pop back soon :)

    1. I know! I've now spent almost a whole week thinking 'I must e-mail Ali and let her know the post is up' ... but you made it here on your own so all is good.

  4. I agree that more photos, less words get more comments! Since I'm a writer and don't do any photography, my crowd is more limited :) Cheers!

    1. I have to admit that I can on occasion be quick to dismiss a post with a lot of writing, not so much because I'm not interested but because I already spend so much time staring at the computer screen for work that I have trouble focusing.