22 June 2012

Let's Dance to Joy Division ...

It's Friday!! And of course Friday wouldn't be Friday without me sharing at least one pet photo with you, would it now ...

poor sweet thing is still very sick, it's hard to watch him with so little of his usual spunk

Most people would, quite fairly, assume that Astro was named after Astro Boy. Actually, maybe that's presumptuous, maybe it's just people who know that The Sparky and I grew up on the cartoons of the '80s, who know that one of my favourite tops of all time was an Astro Boy top* and that we have one or two bits of Astro Boy related nick-nackery around the house would assume that. Maybe people who don't know us would actually assume that we like stars and stuff or maybe even people don't assume or think anything at all when they hear his name.

Anyway, back to the Astro Boy assumption ...

We have progressively gotten worse with our animal naming, Samson was named as soon as we got him in the car to take him home, Nutmeg was named a few hours after we got her home and after quite a while pouring over The Sparky's Dulux colour book (he was still working in drafting and design at that stage), but poor Astro was unnamed for days.

I originally had my heart set on Magnum because of his steely grey colourings but The Sparky wasn't so keen (my sister-in-law on the other hand liked it so much that's still what she calls him). Back and forth we went neither agreeing on anything the other suggested, I didn't like the 'pet-like' names The Sparky came up with, he didn't like my 'weird' ones (apparently Maximus is both too long and a dog's name, who knew?). Then one day we were in the car and The Wombats' 'Tokyo (Vampires and Wolves)' came on the radio ...

Sorry, I need to interrupt this to give just a little bit of back ground information - a handful of people who know The Sparky know that he sings, not 'he sings' as in he should be on the stage but 'he sings' as in he spends a large part of his day singing ... known songs with their normal lyrics, known songs with made up lyrics, made up songs, songs about what's going on at the time, songs with made up words ... he sings and sings and sings. So, at the time that we were trying to find a name for our new kitten, I had heard the line "astrophysics, you'll never be my closest friend" dozens of times before I ever even heard the song.

... back to the car and The Wombats on the radio, the line "astrophysics ..." starts up and I yell out "Astro, that's it, we'll call him Astro!" The Sparky agreed and the rest, as they say is history.

Oh and on a 'same but different' note, I couldn't let this Friday go past without sharing with you my new favourite 'pick me up' song ... I dare you to listen to it and not start dancing!

It's the weekend ... almost ... have fun :)

*this top may or may not have died an untimely and violent death when the dogs were still both puppies and going through a 'we must attack the laundry' stage ... but I won't dwell on that, I'm over it, really I am ...


  1. Oooh, I like Joy Division. This song's nice and dancey too, you're right! I'm not big on children's choirs in songs, as it always seems a bit creepy to me. They get to jump around in this video though, so that's nice:)

    Maximus is definitely a dog name;)

    1. That is a particularly creepy children's choir too, the band's music consistently has such a good effect on my mood lately though that I can forgive them the creepiness.

  2. Astro Boy! I think my brother had one of those gameboy games, back when gameboys were huge grey bricks that took two hands to hold?!

    Love that photo :)

    1. Ahh yes, the Gameboy ... from memory the game cards were roughly the same size then as the devices are now. Remember when you had to actually take one game out and put a new one in, none of this fancy newfangled downloading them onto the device!

      Cheers! It's a bit blurry but it is cute ... I'm probably biased but it is pretty hard to get a bad photo of him :)

  3. it took me days to name my two cats!!!! :)

    1. Two?! I don't think I remember seeing them on your blog before, what did you finally decide on for them?

      Of course, after all the effort we put into it, Astro now gets called Kit about 90% of the time anyway!