10 January 2012

Holiday's Over

I can't believe it's already more than two weeks since Christmas. Two weeks of holidays have been and gone and as of yesterday I returned to work and life returned to normal.

As always, it all seems like it was too short - two weeks is not enough, especially when you have visitors for one and a half of them.

Not that having visitors was a bad thing, just not as relaxing as when you have the house and your time to yourself. We actually had a great time with my folks and it was really nice to be able to just sit down and chat for a while instead of communicating through e-mails and rushed phone conversations.

I faced the holidays with good intentions regarding this little space of mine but, despite many moments where I thought 'that would be good to blog about' or 'I should take a photo of that', it just didn't happen. Some things will eventually make their way here and some won't but I realised very quickly that I actually really don't like sitting down at the computer when I don't have to and so I didn't.

Now that I'm getting back into the rhythm of 'normal life' again though I fully intend to get back to my plans and start posting again on a daily basis.

See you soon ...


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