18 January 2012

I'd blame my phone but ...

... I think perhaps I was simply asking too much of it.

My attempts to capture the events of last weekend ended up rather blurry -

First up was a short walk Friday lunch time to La Belle Miette to pick up some presents.

this may or may not be the extra pack I bought for us

Friday night saw us out to dinner for my in-laws' 40th wedding anniversary.

Saturday, as promised, I cleaned out my wardrobe.



I was actually surprised at how little ended up in the op-shop pile this year although about four or five pairs of shoes ended up in the bin as they were beyond use.

Maybe it's time to start looking like a goose with the real camera around my neck ...


  1. I'm so envious of that wardrobe clean-out! I need to do that myself, but the truth is I have so few clothes that I don't often find much to get rid of (says the girl wearing jeans she bought five years ago....)

    1. I didn't actually get rid of much myself this year, it was more a matter of re-organising everything so that the shoes were all on the shelves not under the bed, folded tops were all in one place not spread out over three, the shelf at the top had things folded neatly not just thrown in ... that type of thing. All a part of this weird organisational kick that I seem to be on at the moment. I don't seem to be able to get much more than a year out of my jeans before they start falling apart, five years is impressive!