20 January 2012

TWS - Week Eight

Yes, this post should have gone up yesterday. No, I'm not going to apologise. The end.

First up how Week Seven went:

Health and Wellbeing - Plantation was/is awesome! The staff are friendly and know what they're talking about and the coffee is great. I remembered to get off at Melbourne Central every day and I'm sure that the combination of the good coffee and the walk really did have a good effect on my days. Will I continue going there every day? No, but only because there are also places like this to check out.

Organisation - Best decision ever! Well, that may be a little extreme but it really has been great getting the thoughts out of my head as they occur and writing lists of things to do. It's also meant I've done more than just stare at the computer screen reading for most of the lunch break.

To Do - Done!

Just for Fun - Also done, except for Saturday but I was at home by myself for the whole day and didn't really see the point. I have to say though for something that was supposed to be just for the fun of it, it really was quite annoying and I will probably be going back to not wearing makeup.

And now to Week Eight's plans:

Health and Wellbeing - This week, starting today (which I've already done), I will be making myself get up and leave the office for at least fifteen minutes at lunch time every day.

Organisation - Start drafting blog posts early instead of typing and posting after they're due to go up.

To Do - Finish the photo book I've been doing of my in-laws' holiday. I will have the house to myself again as The Sparky will be working so there's really no excuse.

Just for Fun - Once the photo book is finished I'm going to file and paint my nails. My nails are normally not long enough to worry about as I prefer to cut them very short so I can type properly. This week though they are just long enough to file without being so long that I need to cut them so I'm going to give them a little TLC. Like makeup this is a once in a blue moon thing so we'll see how I go ...

aaaaand, that's it for another week.


  1. Glad you liked Plantation and Patricia's! Don't forget to stay in and have the mineral water next week :)

    1. Thanks Ms I-Hua, it's been quite nice expanding my coffee drinking horizons beyond Di Bella. I will most definitely be aiming to get to Patricia's early enough to drink in at least once this week.

  2. How lucky, to have so many wonderful coffee places nearby! And yes, why waste time on makeup everyday if you feel better without it? :)

    1. Isn't it amazing! I've just always assumed that my end of town is full of Vittoria selling cafes and the like. Admittedly Plantation is a bit of an effort to get to, but the walks have been quite therapeutic too so it's been worth it.