16 April 2013

Sun, surf and sand ... an Aussie long weekend (pt1)

A few weeks ago, on the Labour Day long weekend, The Sparky and I joined the throngs of Melbournians driving out of the city.

We finished our so-called eight hour days, The Sparky loaded the dogs into the van and I jumped on a tram to meet him along the way. Roughly five hours later we arrived at our camp ground and set up camp in the dark ... trying hard to be quiet.

Two days of hot, hot summer fun followed.

We danced on the beach ...

... drank from rock pools ...
... okay, so that was only the dogs, but we did walk through them.

When it got too hot we jumped in the van ...

... drove to the Cape Otway Lighthouse ...

... which was a nice drive, but unfortunately the dogs weren't allowed so we didn't actually get to see the lighthouse!

From there we headed down to Port Campbell, past the Twelve Apostles and other sights that make this one of the nicest drives in Australia.

Because most of the drive is through National Park, we weren't able to stop and get out with the dogs. This lookout here though gave a gorgeous view of the entry to Port Campbell.

  The forest that you drive through is not bad either ...

... although a little difficult to capture from a moving car!


  1. Oh my goodness your dogs are SO cute!! :D

    1. Thanks, we certainly got lucky with them both.

  2. Are those tree ferns??? Oh my gosh how very lovely and lush and warm and wonderful it looks there. You say it's gotten colder now, so perhaps it's less lush and warm?

    I'm sorry to say I'm not very keen on dogs (they make me... nervous?), but I have had one dog win my heart this year, so I believe another couple could as well -- if they work at it:)

    1. Yes, yes they are. Those last two shots were for you, I knew you'd like them ... sorry they're so blurry :) It was actually ridiculously hot that weekend but very lush, nice from the air-conditioned comfort of the van. Colder here of course is a relative term, we're still getting lovely sunny days at the moment which is a treat.

      No need to apologise for not liking dogs, everyone's different. Our two would certainly work at it, although if dogs make you nervous you might find Samson a little too enthusiastic about it to begin with :)