13 April 2013

MFWF - Herb and Chilli Festival, Wandin

Last year at around this time I made a passing comment over on Ms I-Hua's delicious blog that I would like to get to the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival 2013, having missed my opportunity to get to any of the events in 2012.

Somehow Festival time snuck its way up on me again this year and it wasn't until Melbourne foodie blogs were overflowing with posts about preview events they were invited to that I realised it was once more here.

Given that my parents were in town the first weekend of events and we were booked to go away over the long weekend, the second and biggest weekend of events, it looked like the Festival was going to pass me by again. I did contact the one restaurant in Apollo Bay that was running a MFWF lunch but as they were upstairs there was no way we could get there with the dogs.
The final weekend there were two events that I wanted to try to get to. One was the pour over class at The Urban Coffee Farm, the other was the Herb and Chilli Festival in Wandin.

Unable to choose between the two, I asked The Sparky which he would prefer ... he chose the Chilli Festival, not surprising to anyone who knows that we have four different chilli plants in our backyard! I did get the impression that he would have chosen the coffee if it was a cold drip class though, information which I have tucked away for future use.

Unfortunately due to the poor weather and the sadly lackluster event I don't have any photos of the actual festival. We did however walk away with two delicious purchases -

The olives are marinated in olive oil, which is not only delicious but means we have a herb infused olive oil left over when they're gone. The garlic and chilli oil is full of chunks of garlic and chilli and tastes absolutely delicious on roasted pumpkin ... which it turns out, I know where to find ...

So overall, not the best event we could have chosen, but it was still a fun day out ... and there's always next year!


  1. I'm guessing the pumpkin came from the backyard? :)

    That's too bad that the event turned out lackluster, but hey, these look like suuuper tasty treats! I like that jar of olives, what a smart purchase to get both the olives, and the oil. Clever clever;)

    1. Yep, that was the last of our little golden nuggets ... the butternuts will be featuring soon :)

      It turns out the olives and the oils were just about worth the effort! Plus I have details for a few other treats that I will be looking into.

      I think the wort part about the lacklusterness (aside from the steep entry fee) was that you could feel the potential ... it could have been a great, fun event but just didn't get there.