27 March 2012

Travelday - Where I run out of "wheres"

As I headed into work today I was thinking about this post - what I had to say about our next stop, the Cinque Terre, and which photos I'd use - when I realised that I had left my iPad (and therefore all of my photos) at home! So instead I will leave you simply with a photo of our first sight of the area -

It turns out that once the public carparks are full you're not allowed to even drive down to the town (much to the consternation of accommodation providers that have their own carparking, they won't even let you down if there is a parking space waiting for you), there was a nasty policewoman blocking the way and everything! So we drove our way along the high windy road until we found a place to park, took a few photos of the view and walked down into town to check in and check things out - hoping desperately that the road would be unblocked by the evening so that we didn't have to carry our bags that far ...


  1. Were you in the Cinque Terre before or after they had the horrible flooding? Poor Vernazza.

    I arrived by train when I visited - a pretty amazing place:) Would love to go back - but will settle for seeing more of your photos;)

    1. We were there only a couple of weeks before the flooding - it was just heartbreaking to see, more so I think because we recognised so much of what we were seeing.

      I've decided it's the sort of place I'd love to go back to when I no longer want to travel around but still want to travel. It's the perfect area to hire an apartment for a month (or two), day trip by train if you feel like it and otherwise just enjoy relaxing.