29 February 2012

TWS - The End

One, two ... skip a few ... I have come to the conclusion that the best way to make the weeks fly by is to commit to keeping a weekly record of something!

Today, as I'm sure you're aware, is the last day of Summer. More importantly for the purposes of this post it is also the end of my Thirteen Weeks of Summer plan/challenge to myself. Now, I'm the first to admit that I did a shocking job of posting updates over those thirteen weeks but what I am very pleased to report is that I did do reasonably well at actually setting and achieving some very satisfactory things over the time. So much so in fact that some of my 'organisation' challenges are now almost habits and some very big 'to do' items that had been hanging over my head for months are now gone.

So, following lessons learned both from that challenge and the other two plans that I made three months ago, it is clear to me that new plans need to be made. I'll let you in on them once I've sorted my thoughts out - some things will stay, some will go and some will be rejigged a little before I try again.

Stay tuned ... (or don't, it's your choice).


  1. This is all very cryptic! Looking forward to seeing what's to come.

    1. Sorry, it wasn't exactly meant to be cryptic - more a matter of me being unable to get any one thought to stay in my head long enough to make sense of it!