21 February 2012

Travelday Teaser

I'm still working my way through what to say about Venice, which photos to post and whether or not to cram it all into one long post or to spread the love a little. Hopefully I'll be back tomorrow with something more but in the meantime I leave you with some teaser photos -

From the sublime ...

... to the, errr ...

... I'd say ridiculous but they both look like they'd come to get me in the middle of the night!


  1. Ok, that last picture is terrifying! I guess old Ronnie had it coming though, didn't he?!

    Also, I have an amazing book about Venice that I love but can't fully appreciate, having never been there. I'll look up the title and let you know asap cause you would probably love it.

    1. Isn't it?! It was, probably not surprisingly, not the only anti-Americanisation sentiment we came across on the trip either. This was possibly the least subtle of them though.

      That would be lovely, thank you. It's amazing how much more even movies like The Tourist or 007 mean when you recognise the places they are. On a 'real life' level, it made the floods and then riots in Rome late last year seem so much more real and closer to home when we recognised the streets that were being shown in the news.