26 July 2011


Friday was a day of bits and pieces, no real set exercise or work out but a lot of 'running around'. I am trying not to count the incidental, everyday walking I do (to the bus stop, from work to the bank and back again etc) even though most days this adds up to kilometres worth of extra walking not just metres.

Friday however there was the normal incidental walking plus the running around so, I'm counting the extra stuff:

 - given I slept in, didn't work out and got the bus instead of walking to the train station I decided to get off one stop early once I was in the city and walked, up hill to the office. It's only an extra half a km but it was better than nothing;

 - two x 1km round trips for work; and then

 - after work I met up with The Sparky and some friends, walked 3km from work to AAMI Park to watch Melbourne Storm v Brisbane Broncos then another 3km back again to the car.

Saturday - goodness, for a day with no plans it ended up being very busy. Ended up squeezing in a walk home from my baby bro's place, only 2km but better than nothing!

Sunday - 20 min dog walk.

Monday - suffered severely from Mondayitiss ...  slept in, caught the bus, went to be early! Will try not to let that happen again.

Tuesday - slept in again today but did a 10 min workout anyway. Somehow still managed to get myself ready pretty much on time so I walked to the station and then got off one stop early as well. Will be walking from the station to the in-laws tonight but that will be all as dinner out will mean we don't get home until late.

Phew, glad to get this one out of drafts finally!


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