15 May 2012

Cupcakes and Macarons

Two days back at work and my brain already feels like this ...

I dropped this little dude off at the vet this morning and as a consequence I'm having trouble focusing on ... whatever it is I'm supposed to be focusing on ...

For some unexplainable reason Blogger does not want to play fair today and so this is the only photo I have of Pisa, it's not enough to say what I wanted to say so yet again Travelday will have to be delayed ...

For a fun finish to a wonderful week off, I highly recommend a cupcake and macaron decorating course. If nothing else I have walked away with some very nice new recipes (and a slightly dodgy photo, I hadn't actually planned on blogging this) ...


  1. Cool, a decorating course sounds like fun!

    Love those horizontally-colored duomi, aren't they wondrous?

    I hope cute kitty is okay:(

    1. The course was a little 90s in some respects but I still had a lot of fun and walked away from it with some very usable new skills and recipes.

      Yes! I was surprised at how fabulous this one was, it deserves a lot more attention than it receives.

      Thanks, turns out he has some internal swelling and a urinary tract infection (tmi?) so no fun but easily treatable and a lot better than the leukemia, FIV and other nasty things they were testing for.

  2. Your cat is gorgeous and I am glad to see from your reply to Emma's comment that he is going to be OK. They are so our children aren't they? :-)

    1. Thanks, we're looking forward to him getting his British Shorthair roundness back! It was certainly a relief to hear that a couple of injections should be all that's necessary to get him back to normal. It was weird walking away from the vet without him, part of me felt like I had just left a child alone in hospital and part of me felt silly for felling so strongly about it!