02 August 2011


Day 9 - Yet another sleep in (must stop staying up so late), power walking in the afternoon

Day 10 - Stretches and jogging in the evening. Lazy me is starting to take control again, must fight back!

Day 11 - Walking, walking, walking ...

Day 12 - 10M solution, 30 mins on exercise bike, 30 mins on treadmill. Much better! :)

Day 13 - 3km walk jog outside! Just as I had become comfortable with the idea that a wet, cold Melbourne winter is not the right time to push myself to run on the road I woke up to a sunny morning with almost dry roads so I got out there and gave it a go. So glad that I did!

Day 14 - morning walk/jog with the dogs

Day 15 - morning walk/jog with the dogs, hopefully more to report this afternoon


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