06 August 2012

More Manifestos

Okay, so I'm the first to admit that I haven't got off to a good start insofar as writing about these manifestos goes, given that it is already two weeks since my last post and there was perhaps some inference that it would be a weekly thing ...

That said, I'm feeling a little pleased with myself about how I've gone with actually doing the things I said I would do. In review:

1 - I walked to the train station three times the first week and four the second. Not quite every day but Melbourne turned on the water works a couple of times (and one day in particular I had a really good reason for not wanting to spend the day in mud splashed pants). If I can keep up an average of three times a week I'll be very happy;

2 - honestly, I actually forgot about the stairs a lot at first but now I'm using them on at least half of the times that I go downstairs, again if that's an average I can keep up long term then I'll be happy;

3 - the before work thing has actually been a lot harder to get back into than I thought it would. I have done a lot more exercise on the weekends and in the evenings but I do really need to get the morning thing happening again;

4 - which brings us to the alarm situation, yes I have as declared been setting the alarm for 5:30 ... I haven't yet been able to get myself out of bed then though. I'll keep working on that one;

5 - done and done!! Not actually lodged yet but sitting there ready to go ... so, so happy to get that off the list.

it is slowly becoming light in the morning while I wait for the train

So, that's the past two weeks done and dusted. The next two weeks will actually be divided into three sections, Monday to Friday pre-holiday, Saturday to Friday holiday and Friday afternoon to Sunday post-holiday. Given that there's a good chance that the best I'll be able to manage while I'm away will be to upload a few scenic photos, and at the risk of putting you all to sleep before the end of the page, I'm going to put them all out there now.

Pre-Holiday I will ...

1 - make our work lunches the night before;

2 - go for a walk in my lunch break;

3 - breathe deep ... not metaphorically but actually, physically breathe deep and strong. I'm told it's good for you;

4 - clean the house ready for the cat-sitter to stay; and

5 - plan and pack (guarantee you this won't happen until Friday!).

During Holiday I will ...

1 - rest;

2 - relax;

3 - read;

4 - write; and

5 - walk.

(Okay, I admit that's cheating a little but it does all go towards helping me to be healthier I promise!)

Post-Holiday I will ...

1 - create an exercise plan;

2 - create an eating plan;

3 - empty the ironing basket;

4 & 5 - cross two more major, but at the moment unexplainable, items off my long term to do list.

my way of apologising for inundating you with too many words ...


  1. Sweet lil kitty face. Your holiday is going to be suhhhweeeeeet! It's the ski place, right? Does that mean you get to sit in a beautiful lodge wearing attractive pom pom-accessorized lodge wear whilst sipping on hot apple cider or cocoa? Or will you be shredding the slopes? Or am I completely wrong and you're going someplace not wintry?

    1. I just wish I could get a shot of his tongue but sadly he doesn't get around with it sticking out!

      Yes and no ... it's definitely a wintry holiday but Queenstown is a short drive from the slopes not actually on the mountain. I may go up there one day and sip hot coffee while taking in the views but most of my time will be spent off mountain. The others that I'm traveling with though will be shredding up the slopes so I'm hoping The Sparky will capture some ski shots for me.

  2. Have a great holiday...if we don't hear from you before hand! Rest, read, relax, write and walk all sound like wonderful things to do on time off!
    Ironing basket can definitely wait!

    1. Cheers! I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to it :)

      Yes, the ironing basket can definitely wait ... at least until I get back, there's only so many days I can get away with jeans at the office without someone commenting ...!