23 July 2012

Monday's Manifestos

Admittedly manifesto is probably too grand a word for what I hope to do with this series but I was after a little alliteration and so manifesto it is.

My health, fitness, wellbeing and organisation have been back on my mind again lately, things began to slide a little at some point during my Thirteen Weeks of Summer challenge and have progressively become worse throughout the year. I am reasonably aware of the reasons why that happened and, even though I have no control over some of them, I have decided to not let those reasons rule my life.

After my comment last week in particular I have noticed that a lot of the things I had starting working so hard for have not simply stalled but have gone backwards ... I actually got puffed the other day walking back to work, that hasn't happened in a very long time!

The plan is to jump on this space every Monday and loudly proclaim five things that I will do in the week to follow. Three health and wellbeing related (exercise, eating habits, physical health or mental health), one long term organisational (a new habit, or an old one that needs to be reignited) and one short term organisational (a one off item that needs to come off my ever expanding to do list).

So, without further ado (because these posts will probably be boring enough without me babbling on) I proclaim that this week:

1 - I will walk to the train station every work morning and not to the bus stop;

2 - I will walk down the stairs at work and not take the lift (unfortunately I can't come back up that way because the door is locked from the stairwell side for security reasons);

3 - I will do a 15-minute workout before work at least twice;

4 - I will start setting the alarm for 5:30 a.m. again;

5 - I will finish my application for recognition of prior learning to a point where it is ready for lodgement (finally!)

and there you have it ... I'll be back next week to let you know how I went.

* I actually don't honestly expect any of you to comment or be particularly involved in this series, I just found last time that the accountability that comes with 'putting it out there' was a really good motivator.


  1. Good luck with your challenges....I think it's a great idea to set little goals! And, it's so hard to exercise at this time of year...I find it very hard to get out of bed before 7!

    1. Thanks! I know for a fact that if I try to be too gung-ho about it and jump straight back to what I was doing a few months ago I'm, setting myself up for a fall. A few small changes each week though and I'll be back into it before I know it (hopefully!).

  2. What does number 5 mean? It's an instance of my English being different from your English... What will be lodged? :)

    1. It's probably more of an instance of 'I know what I mean but don't explain it to others properly' ... basically, with the course I'm trying to complete I have the option with some subjects to put in an application for consent to not do the classes but get credit for them anyway based on the fact that my work experience means I already know what I'm doing. Does that make sense?

    2. Ah, yes indeed! Get lodged, already :P

    3. Hmmm, you sound like ... well, basically everybody in my life who is aware of how long it has taken me to finalise this! :) This week is the week!