31 January 2012

Travelday - Where I let the photos talk

The next two days of our holiday were lovely, beautiful, peaceful and quite - so no interesting stories to tell but the photos are certainly worth sharing, I hope you agree.
Our last morning in Zurich was spent searching out some Swiss chocolate and buying ourselves mini macarons and sub-standard coffee for our train ride to ...

Como, Italy

The train ride was uneventful with scenery that was beautiful but impossible to capture. Como was very hot when we arrived and it unfortunately took us a little longer to walk from the train station to the funicular station than expected which made for a slightly unpleasant start to our stay. That said, it didn't take us long to check in and then turn around and come straight back down to wander the town.

somehow it didn't take long for night to fall

the view from our room at night
and in the morning

Our one full day was spent taking a boat ride on Lake Como to Bellagio ...

apparently the one and only photo taken from the boat that made it through the mass cull
first bite of real Italian pizza - he'll kill me for putting this photo in ...

fair's fair - and I did crop myself out of the pizza photo

so many ...

... quaint little ...


Once again, moving away from the crowds proved to be very rewarding

not exactly sure where this fits in but it's in the Lake Como area somewhere ...

Apparently not satisfied with all the walking we'd already done, The Sparky insisted on climbing to the top of the hill when we returned from Bellagio

not a brilliant photo but it gives an idea of how high we were

the lighthouse we came in search of
this smog/fog was our constant companion through the trip
We took the funicular many,


many times in our two days here.
beautiful church building near where we stayed
view of Como out the funicular window on our last trip down the hill before leaving


  1. So beautiful! There's something so magical about lights on water. Also, those green shoelaces are PHENOMENAL, as is travel in general. YAY!

    1. There truly is, I'm actually thinking of trying to crop one of those photos so that it's just of the reflections. Yes, I love those shoes - mine don't show as well in these photos because they're not as bright but we must have made quite the couple walking around in our fluro bright/pink and purple shoes. Love, love, love travel - just getting into the early stages of planning some more and I'm so excited!

  2. Lovely photos! I've always wanted to get to Zurich so these pictures have made my day :)

    1. I should probably give credit where it's due - The Sparky took most of our holiday photos. Not to take from the Swiss photos in the last few TravelDay posts but I have quietly crossed the boarder into Italy, apparently I skipped a little too quickly over the fact that these photos are actually all of Como and Bellagio on Lake Como in Italy. I hope they still make your day :)

  3. beautiful pics!! I love the lake =) and i love my country!!

    1. It is a lovely lake and a lovely country. I am very much looking forward to the next time I go there ... whenever than may be :)

  4. Loving these photos! The little laneways in Europe are my favorite. Don't they just feel like if you step inside one in just the right way, they could whisk you into a fairytale world?

  5. Thanks! From memory there are many more laneways to come ... The Sparky was (and still is) a qualified architectural drafter before he started his sparky apprenticeship and so was most intrigued by all things architecture related. I am more a nature girl at core but the European laneways certainly capture the heart and imagination.